Preflight Checks


The preflight check job is useful for performing an upgrade dry-run to ensure that the upgrade will be successful. To run the preflight check job, set preflightCheckJob.enabled to true and specify the preflightCheckJob.image.tag to the desired Pachyderm release version.


  # If true, install a Kubernetes job that runs preflight checks from the configured Pachyderm
  # release.
  enabled: false

  # The version to preflight.  It is totally fine if this is newer than the currently-running pachd
  # version.
    repository: "pachyderm/pachd"
    pullPolicy: "IfNotPresent"
    tag: ""

  # misc k8s settings
  affinity: {}
  annotations: {}
    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"
    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"
  priorityClassName: ""
  podLabels: {}
  nodeSelector: {}
  tolerations: []

  # logging settings
  sqlQueryLogs: false
  disableLogSampling: false