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Pachctl auth activate

pachctl auth activate

Activate Pachyderm's auth system


Activate Pachyderm's auth system, and restrict access to existing data to the user running the command (or the argument to --initial-admin), who will be the first cluster admin

pachctl auth activate [flags]


  -h, --help                   help for activate
      --initial-admin string   The subject (robot user or github user) who
                               will be the first cluster admin; the user running 'activate' will identify as
                               this user once auth is active.  If you set 'initial-admin' to a robot
                               user, pachctl will print that robot user's Pachyderm token; this token is
                               effectively a root token, and if it's lost you will be locked out of your

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-color   Turn off colors.
  -v, --verbose    Output verbose logs

Last update: April 5, 2021
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