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This section includes references to various tools that enable you to interact with Pachyderm by using your favorite programming language.

Pipeline Specification   

Read about all the options that you can define in the pipeline specification and view the examples of use.

Pachyderm Config Specification    

Learn how you can modify your cluster by setting up the Pachyderm configuration file.

Pachyderm Language Clients    

Set up a language client of your choice to interact with the Pachyderm API.

S3 Gateway API Reference    

Learn how you can set up the S3 gateway and perform basic operations with S3 buckets.

Pachctl Reference    

Pachctl is the CLI tool that enables you to interact with Pachyderm. Read the pachctl reference to learn how to perform operations with repositories, pipelines, and other Pachyderm objects and primitives.


Try out our example pipelines.

Last update: May 19, 2022
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