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Ingress and Egress Data from an External Object Store

You can configure Pachyderm to work with an external object store by providing Pachyderm with its credentials.

Running a pachctl put file repo@branch -f <s3://my_bucket/file> or egressing your data "egress": {"URL": "s3://bucket/dir"} in an s3 bucket, for example, requires Pachyderm to be able to access it.

To provide Pachyderm with the object store credentials:

  1. Run the following command:

    pachctl deploy storage <storage-provider> ...
    Where storage-provider can be: amazon, google, or microsoft.

  2. Depending on the storage provider, configure the required parameters. Run pachctl deploy storage <storage-provider> --help for more information.

    For example, if you select amazon, you need to specify the following parameters:

    pachctl deploy storage amazon <region> <access-key-id> <secret-access-key> [<session-token>]

    Those credentials are ultimately stored in a Kubernetes secret.

Last update: June 2, 2021
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