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Split Data

Pachyderm provides functionality that enables you to split your data while it is being loaded into a Pachyderm input repository which helps to optimize pipeline processing time and resource utilization.

Splitting data helps you to address the following use cases:

  • Optimize data processing. If you have large size files, it might take Pachyderm a significant amount of time to process them. In addition, Pachyderm considers such a file as a single datum, and every time you apply even a minor change to that datum, Pachyderm processes the whole file from scratch.

  • Increase diff granularity. Pachyderm does not create per-line diffs that display line-by-line changes. Instead, Pachyderm provides per-file diffing. Therefore, if all of your data is in one huge file, you might not be able to see what has changed in that file. Breaking up the file to smaller chunks addresses this issue.

This section provides examples of how you can use the --split command that breaks up your data into smaller chunks, called split-files and what happens when you update your data.

Last update: April 22, 2021
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