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Manage Users and Groups

If you have users or groups configured in a third-party identity provider, you can give access to Pachyderm to those users and groups. The following table summarizes which providers support user and group authentication:

Provider Users Groups
GitHub X
Okta (SAML)
Otka (OIDC) X
Keycloak (OIDC) X
Keycloak (SAML)
Google (OIDC) X
Auth0 (OIDC) X

Configure User Access

You can manage user access in the UI and CLI. For example, you are logged in to Pachyderm as the user user1 and have a repository called test. Because the user user1 created this repository, user1 has full OWNER-level access to the repo. You can confirm this in the dashboard by navigating to or clicking on the repo. Alternatively, you can confirm your access by running the pachctl auth get ... command:


pachctl auth get dwhitena test

System response:


An OWNER of test or a cluster admin can then set other user level of access to the repo by using the pachctl auth set ... command or through the dashboard.

For more information about the roles that you can assign, see Roles.

To manage user access, complete the following steps:

  • If you are using the dashboard:

    1. In the dashboard, click Repo.
    2. Select the repo to which you want to grant access to your users.
    3. Click Modify access controls.
    4. Add the users to a desired list of READERs, WRITERs, or OWNERs.

      For example, to give the GitHub user user2 READER, but not WRITER or OWNER, access to the test repository add them to the READER list.

  • If you are using pachctl:

    1. Grant a user an access to a repo:

      pachctl auth set <username> (none|reader|writer|owner) <repo>


      pachctl auth set user1 reader test
    2. Verify the ACL for the repo:

      pachctl auth get <repo>


      pachctl auth get test

      System Response:

      github:svekars: OWNER
      github:user1: READER

Gonfigure Group Access

If you have a group of users configured in an identity provider, you can grant access to a Pachyderm repository to all users in that group.


Only Okta with SAML currently supports group access.


This functionality is experimental and supported only through the command line. The changes will not be visible in the UI.

To configure group access, you need to set the group_attibute in the id_providers field of your authentication config:


pachctl auth set-config <<EOF
  "id_providers": [
      "saml": {
        "group_attribute": "memberOf"

Last update: July 16, 2020