Activate Authorization

Learn how to activate Authorization (User Access Management) in Pachyderm.

March 29, 2023

Before You Start #

Activate User Access Management #

  1. Activate authentication using the following command:
pachctl auth activate 

# Pachyderm root token:
# 54778a770c554d0fb84563033c9cb808
  1. Save the root token value in a secure place.

You can use this token in the future to log in to the initial root admin user by entering the following comand:

pachctl auth use-auth-token

# Please paste your Pachyderm auth token:

As a Root User (or initial admin), you can now configure Pachyderm to work with the identity management provider (IdP) of your choice.

License Expiration #

When an Enterprise License expires, a Pachyderm cluster with enabled User Access Management goes into an admin-only state. In this state, only ClusterAdmins have access to the data stored in Pachyderm. This safety measure keeps sensitive data protected, even when an enterprise subscription becomes stale. To return the cluster to its previous state, run pachctl license activate and submit your new code.