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To deploy and configure a Pachyderm cluster to ship logs to Loki, a Pachyderm Enterprise License is required.

Enabling Loki

Enabling Loki logging will require to set the following environment variables on the pachd container:

  • LOKI_LOGGING to true to ship the logs to Loki
  • LOKI_SERVICE_HOST and LOKI_SERVICE_PORT to fetch the logs from Loki

Shipping logs to Loki

Loki retrieves logs from pods in Kubernetes through an agent service called Promtail. Promtail runs on each node and sends logs from Kubernetes pods to the Loki API Server, tagging each log entry with information about the pod that produced it.

You need to configure Promtail for your environment to ship logs to your Loki instance. If you are running multiple nodes, then you will need to install and configure Promtail for each node shipping logs to Loki.

Fetching logs

While enabling Loki will enable the collection of logs, commands such as pachctl logs will not fetch logs directly from Loki until the LOKI_SERVICE_HOST and LOKI_SERVICE_PORT environment variables are set on the pachd container.

For example, a deployment.json generated with

    pachctl deploy local --dry-run > deployment.json`     
can be modified to make logs available for Loki as follows:

    "containers": [{
        "name": "pachd",
        "image": "pachyderm/pachd:local",
        "command": ["/pachd"],
        "ports": [],
        "env": [
                "name": "LOKI_LOGGING",
                "value": "true"
                "name": "LOKI_SERVICE_HOST",
                "value": ""
                "name": "LOKI_SERVICE_PORT",
                "value": "3100"

Pachyderm reads logs from the Loki API Server with a particular set of tags. The URI at which Pachyderm reads from the Loki API Server is set by the LOKI_SERVICE_HOST and LOKI_SERVICE_PORT values.


If you are not running Promtail on the node where your Pachyderm pods are located, you will be unable to get logs for pipelines running on that node via pachctl logs -p pipelineName.


Last update: April 5, 2021
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