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Deploy Pachyderm on Amazon AWS

Pachyderm can run in a Kubernetes cluster deployed in AmazonĀ® Web Services (AWS), whether it is an Elastic Container Service (EKS) or a Kubernetes cluster deployed directly on EC2 by using a deployment tool. AWS removes the need to maintain the underlying virtual cloud. This advantage makes AWS a logical choice for organizations that decide to offload the cloud infrastructure operational burden to a third-party vendor. Pachyderm seamlessly integrates with Amazon EKS and runs in the same fashion as on your computer.

You can install Pachyderm on Amazon AWS by using one of the following options:

Deploy Pachyderm on Amazon EKS
If you already have an Amazon EKS cluster, you can quickly deploy Pachyderm on top of it. If you are just starting with Amazon EKS, this section guides you through the EKS deployment process.
Deploy Pachyderm on Amazon EC2 by using kops
Instead of EKS, you can deploy Kubernetes on AWS EC2 directly by using a Kubernetes deployment tool such as kops and then deploy Pachyderm on that Kubernetes cluster. If you deploy a cluster with kops, you remain responsible for the Kubernetes operations and maintenance.
Deploy Pachyderm with CloudFront
Use this option in production environments that require high throughput and secure data delivery.

Last update: April 5, 2021
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