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A Pachyderm job is an execution of a pipeline that triggers when new data is detected in an input repository. Each job runs your code against the current commit and then submits the results to the output repository and creates a single output commit. A pipeline triggers a new job every time you submit new changes, a commit, into your input source.

Each job has the following stages:

Stage Description
Starting Pachyderm starts the job when it detects new data in the input repository.
The new data appears as a commit in the input repository, and Pachyderm
automatically launches the job. Pachyderm spins the number of Pachyderm worker pods
specified in the pipeline spec and spreads the workload among them.
Running Pachyderm runs the transformation code that is specified
in the pipeline specification against the data in the input commit.
Merging Pachyderm concatenates the results of the processed
data into one or more files, uploads them to the output repository, completes the final output commits, and creates/persists all the versioning metadata

Last update: April 5, 2021
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