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Pipeline Concepts

Pachyderm Pipeline System (PPS) is the computational component of the Pachyderm platform that enables you to perform various transformations on your data. Pachyderm pipelines have the following main concepts:


A pipeline is a job-spawner that waits for certain conditions to be met. Most commonly, this means watching one or more Pachyderm repositories for new data. When a new data arrives, a pipeline executes a user-defined piece of code to perform an operation and process the data. Each of these executions is called a job.


A job is an individual execution of a pipeline. A job can succeed or fail. Within a job, data and processing can be broken up into individual units of work called datums.


A datum is the smallest indivisible unit of work within a job. Different datums can be processed in parallel within a job.

Last update: July 23, 2022
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