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Add Roles to Group

Learn how to grant and modify permissions on given resources for a group of users.

Before You Start #

  • Your IdP must support groups to use these instructions.
  • Review the permissions assigned to each role.
  • This guide assumes resources (projects, repositories) have already been created in your cluster.
  • This guide uses Auth0 as an example IdP.

How to Assign Roles to a Group #

  1. Enable group management in your IdP of choice .
  2. Update your connector config to include the appropriate attributes.
  1. Update the config by running the following command:
pachctl idp update-connector <connector-id> --version 2
  1. Grant the group roles by running the following command:
pachctl auth set <resource-type>  <resource-name> <role-name> group:<group-name>
  1. Confirm the group’s roles were updated for the given resource:
Resource Type:

The command pachctl auth get-groups lists the groups that have been defined on your cluster.