Learn how to use the user interface, Console.

Pachyderm Console is a complete web UI for visualizing running pipelines and exploring your data. By clicking on individual pipeline segments, users can check their jobs’ status, visualize their commits’ content, access logs, and much more! It is a valuable companion when troubleshooting pipelines.

Console in action

Enterprise Edition #

Pachyderm Community Edition comes with Console per default. Upon upgrading to Enterprise, you will be able to:


Request an Enterprise trial token directly from Console CE by hitting the “Upgrade to Enterprise” button at the bottom right of your Console, fill in this form, or get in touch with us at

Console States #

Before diving into Console installation steps, please look at Console’s various states, from the Community Edition to Enterprise. It should give you a mental model of the various paths to upgrade your Community Edition and what happens when your Enterprise token expires.

Console state diagram