User Guide

Learn how to use the JupyterLab Mount Extension.

Mount a Branch #

  1. Open the JupyterLab UI.
  2. Open a Terminal from the launcher.
  3. Navigate to the Mounted Repositories tab.
  4. Input the following to see a demo repo appear:
pachctl create repo demo
pachctl create branch demo@master
  1. Scroll to the Unmounted Repositories section.
  2. Select Mount next to the Demo repository.
  3. Input the following to create a simple text file:
echo "Version 1 of file" | pachctl put file demo@master:/myfile.txt
  1. Unmount and re-mount your repo to attach to the latest commit containing the new file.

    re-mount repo

  2. Read the file using the following:
cat /pfs/demo/myfile.txt

Mount a Datum #

You can mount to a specific datum in your repository from the JupyterLab UI using an input spec. This is useful when:

  • Working on data that is deeply nested within a specific directory of your repository.
  • Testing and exploring viable glob patterns to use for your datums.
  1. Open the JupyterLab UI.

  2. Mount to a repo from the Unmounted Repositories section. (e.g., mounting to demo would look like /pfs/demo/ in the file browser).

  3. Navigate to the Mounted Repositories section and select Datum. You should see the following:

       repo: demo
       branch: master
       glob: / 
  4. Update the glob pattern to match the datums you wish to focus on.

    Directory Example #
       repo: demo
       branch: master
       glob: /images/2022/*
    Extension Example #
       repo: demo
       branch: master
       glob: /images/**.png
  5. Select Mount Datums.

  6. The file browser updates to display the matching datums.

When you return to the mounted view by selecting Back, the file browser will return to displaying datums that match your default glob pattern.

Explore Directories & Files #

At the bottom of the Mounted Repositories tab, you’ll find the file browser.

  • Mounted repositories are nested within the root /pfs (Pachyderm’s File System)
  • These repositories are read-only
  • Mounted repositories have a / glob pattern applied to their directories and files
  • Files only downloaded locally when you access them (saving you time)

Using the previous example, while the Demo repository is mounted, you can select the demo folder to reveal the example myfile.txt.