Cloud Deployment

Learn how to deploy the Console UI from the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure).

Before You Start #


Taking Pachyderm for a test drive? Try our Quick Cloud Installation for non-production deployment testing.

Deploy #

  1. Set up your Ingress and DNS and point your browser to:
    • http://<external-IP-address-or-domain-name>:80 or,
    • https://<external-IP-address-or-domain-name>:443 if TLS is enabled
  2. Set up your IDP during deployment.

You can use the mock user (username:admin, password: password) to login to Console when authentication is enabled but no Identity provider was wired (Enterprise).

  1. Configure your Identity Provider

You are all set! You should land on the Projects page of Console.

Enterprise + Helm #

When Enterprise is enabled through Helm, Auth is automatically activated. This means that you do not need to run pachctl auth activate; a pachyderm-auth Kubernetes secret is created which contains a rootToken key. Use {{"kubectl get secret pachyderm-auth -o go-template='{{.data.rootToken | base64decode }}'"}} to retrieve it and save it where you see fit.

Considerations #