Pachyderm language clients

Go Client

The Go client is officially supported by the Pachyderm team. It implements almost all of the functionality that is provided with the pachctl CLI tool, and, thus, you can easily integrated operations like put-file into your applications.

For more info, check out the godocs.

Note - A compatible version of grpc is needed when using the Go client. You can deduce the compatible version from our vendor.json file, where you will see something like:

            "checksumSHA1": "mEyChIkG797MtkrJQXW8X/qZ0l0=",
            "path": "",
            "revision": "21f8ed309495401e6fd79b3a9fd549582aed1b4c",
            "revisionTime": "2017-01-27T15:26:01Z"

You can then get this version via:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
git checkout 21f8ed309495401e6fd79b3a9fd549582aed1b4c

Python Client -

The Python client is a user contributed client that has just recently been brought under the Pachyderm umbrella and made into an official client. We’re working on getting it fully up to date and will be supporting it full going forward.

For more info, check out pypachy on GitHub.

Scala Client

Our users are currently working on a Scala client for Pachyderm. Please contact us if you are interested in helping with this or testing it out.

Other languages

Pachyderm uses a simple protocol buffer API. Protobufs support a bunch of other languages, any of which can be used to programmatically use Pachyderm. We haven’t built clients for them yet, but it’s not too hard. It’s an easy way to contribute to Pachyderm if you’re looking to get involved.